Are you getting your website updated regularly? If yes, does the website maintenance take a heavy toll on you? Does the contracted website maintenance company take too long to respond and attend to? No worry, don’t get frustrated. Vibrant’s Web Maintenance company is at your disposal. You can call and fix them for routine maintenance, with periodical updates.

At Sixsidemedia Inc, our culture is to make full involvement in working on web maintenance needs. For instance, earlier, we have worked on a number of website design maintenance projects that demanded more than just maintaining existing websites and applications. Along with maintenance works, we also worked on adding new content, bug fixing, constant technical support and many more. Once your website is launched, we undertake a whole range of key activities to accomplish the website maintenance schedules too, as a corollary. We believe that this will be at sustainable benefit for the future, preventing major breakdowns. of websites Therefore, we believe in long-term collaborative partnerships. We will be interested in not only building applications, but also in managing applications so that our best skills can truly complement a business. Website Maintenance Includes:

  • Testing after every edit and Arranging full backup copy of your website
  • Making monthly detailed invoicing and Communication by e-mail, 5 days a week
  • Keeping the homepage fresh for return customers